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Symantec Managed PKI Service

Lower Cost and Complexity with a Managed, Cloud-Based Solution

Symantec, the leading provider of cloud-based PKI solutions, delivers a proven and trusted solution to secure communications for users and connected devices for the Internet of Things. Built on Symantec’s, globally managed, highly reliable cloud-based infrastructure, Symantec Managed PKI Service reduces the cost and complexity associated with in-house PKI and allows enterprises to focus on delivering solutions, instead of infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Trusted, Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Monitors, manages, and scales across the globe with full disaster recovery and is certified as part of a SAS-70 security, WebTrust and specialized government audits
  • Broad Application Support: Issuance of X.509 certificates for common applications such as VPN, Wi-Fi, web servers, devices, email encryption and signing, and Adobe PDF signing.
  • Automated Certificate Lifecycle Management: Managed PKI Service can automatically configure a user’s browser, VPN client, mail client, or other application to use certificates.
  • Enterprise Integration: Integrate Managed PKI Service with a corporate directory to populate certificate meta-data, select and enforce certificate and application policies, and publish issued certificates. PKI Enterprise Gateway functions as a local registration authority integrating with hardware security modules to protect key material.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces PKI Cost and Complexity: Managed PKI Service's cloud-based approach dramatically lowers the cost and complexity of PKI by eliminating the facilities, hardware, software, personnel, training, and maintenance expenses associated with deploying traditional in-house PKIs.
  • Simplifies the Administrator and End-User Experience: Managed PKI Service eliminates administrator tasks, and automates the process of provisioning certificates and configuring applications to use those certificates.
  • Maximizes Deployment Flexibility: Not only can organizations deliver multiple certificate-based security applications from a unified platform, but they can also tailor the deployment to meet their needs.
  • Delivers Proven, Scalable, Reliable PKI: Symantec’s procedures, policies, and infrastructure have been proven with large enterprises, governments, and manufacturers around the world.