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Implement with One Comprehensive Solution

Learn How Symantec Mobile Management Suite Can Address Your Enterprise Mobility Challenge

  • We are iOS7 ready
    Unlock mobile productivity with Symantec
  • Symantec Enables Mobile Protection for Quest Diagnostics
    Quest Diagnostics mobilizes and protects their business apps and data.
    Symantec Solutions Provide Integrated Mobile Protection for Broadridge Financial Solutions
  • Apps Developers
    Join the Symantec Sealed Program
  • Manage Your Mobile Enterprise
    Enable a mobile workforce without compromising user experience or data security.

Why Symantec?

Symantec has the broadest set of technologies to securely enable a mobile workforce. Businesses have multiple use cases, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Symantec supports a device-centric and app-centric approach that solves data protection problems without touching the rest of the device.
Symantec's mobile solutions enable us to focus on our key objectives by addressing our security and management needs. We have much greater visibility into our entire inventory of iPads and the apps they carry. With a click of a mouse, I'm able to see what technicians have done on each device and what apps are deployed. Managing app clutter has become increasingly important as more apps are downloaded onto our devices."
D. Patches Hill, Technology Systems Manager, Indian River School District
Is Mobile Management Suite right for your business?
Do you need to enable iPads, Android, Windows and Blackberry devices without compromising security?
Do you need to enable secure corporate access on BYODevices and corporate-owned devices?
Do you have an MDM solution, but are looking to protect corporate information in addition to devices?
Point products won’t work anymore. Do you need ONE solution for managing devices, apps and data?
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MDM with compliance and blacklisting Checkmark   Checkmark
Unified management for laptops, macs, smartphones and tablets Checkmark   Checkmark
Distribution of in-house, cloud or 3rd party apps Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
App and data protection with mobile data leakage protection   Checkmark Checkmark
App Authentication and Single Sign-On   Checkmark Checkmark
BYOD, MDM and secure corporate email   Checkmark Checkmark
Ecosystem of wrapped-apps, including third party apps   Checkmark *
(with Symantec Sealed Program)
Mobile malware protection for Android and Windows Mobile     Checkmark *
(with Symantec Mobile Security)