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Cyber Safe Seniors

Cyber Savvy Seniors
Cyber Safe Seniors
The Internet is a fantastic place for finding information, contacting old friends and keeping up with the whole world. Don’t let your unfamiliarity with the web or computers be a barrier to enjoying all the riches of the World Wide Web. Marian Merritt, Norton’s Internet Safety Advocate has written a straight forward primer, Cyber Safe Seniors, to help you and your older loved ones learn to use the Internet in the safest possible way. And if you have any additional questions, you can email her at

Some of the topics in the Cyber Safe Seniors guide are:

  • The basics of getting a computer and an internet connection.
  • Fraud and online scams – learn how to recognize the signs of phishing, spam and other web-borne threats.
  • Passwords – why picking the right one makes all the difference.
  • Safest ways to enjoy online banking, tax preparation and shopping.
  • Safe search and identifying legitimate and trustworthy online information sources.
  • New hobbies: family tree research, digital photography, blogging and social networking.
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