Version Upgrades FAQ

Customers with current maintenance/support subscriptions are entitled to upgrade software copies for free to the new upgrade version. Symantec is committed to providing customers and channel partners with an outstanding upgrade experience.
  • What is a Software Version Upgrade and who is eligible?
    A Software Version Upgrade is a new version of software available for free to customers with current maintenance/support for their existing version of the software. It is available on the date of the release of the new software. Symantec will notify eligible customers of this entitlement.
    Customers who do not have current maintenance/support, have an opportunity to purchase the software version upgrade for qualified products at a discounted price.
  • If I do not receive a Software Version Upgrade notification, how can I find out if I am entitled to a free Software Version Upgrade?
    You are able to see your Software Version Upgrade notifications on the Symantec Licensing portal using the following steps:
    1. Go to
    2. Login or create an account
    3. Once logged in, click the Software Version Upgrade button
    4. Click the “I do not have a notification ID” button
    5. Follow the instructions on the proceeding pages to obtain your upgrade. If we are unable to validate your upgrade eligibility, you will be asked to contact Symantec Customer Care.
  • When will I receive my notification?
    Symantec will send Software Upgrade Notifications to eligible customers starting on the product release date.
  • Who is the recipient of the Software Version Upgrade notification?
    Email notifications will be sent to customer contacts designated as Technical Contacts or contacts designated as License Owners within the Symantec Licensing Portal. For customers without email addresses within the Symantec Licensing Portal, a physical letter Software Version Upgrade notification will be sent to the address on record.
  • What if I have not received my notification?
    If for some reason you have not received your notification, you may go to the Licensing Portal to retrieve your upgrade. By entering your customer number and Symantec Sales Order Number, you will see all available upgrades.
  • How do I request a Software Version Upgrade Notification?
    Business customers are entitled to request a Software Version Upgrade Notification, to upgrade their software to the appropriate new version if they have current maintenance/support subscriptions for those products, by requesting a chat with a Customer Care Agent.
  • What is FileConnect?
    FileConnect is Symantec’s electronic software distribution website which allows Symantec customers to download their enterprise products or order a media kit.
  • How do I download my software if I go directly to FileConnect with a serial number?
    The FileConnect website is available at
    To download software:
    • Select a language to log into FileConnect
    • Enter serial number and click Login
    • Read and agree to the License Agreement
    • Choose Software
    • Select Download Method
    • Click Download
  • How do I download my software if I go to FileConnect from the Licensing Portal?
    • From the Licensing Portal, click on "Get Software."
    • A separate window will open allowing you to log into FileConnect by answering 1 of 4 verification questions.
      • I Have a Certificate with a Serial Number
      • I have an Upgrade Notification
      • I Have a Voucher Document
      • I am an Enterprise E-Fulfillment Customer
    • After completing the verification method, you are taken to your software download.
    • Read and agree to the License Agreement.
    • Choose Software.
    • Select Download Method.
    • Click Download.
  • Can I get a copy of physical media?
    Software version upgrade customers are entitled to one (1) copy of the media kit per serial number.
    Users directed to FileConnect should follow the instructions on their notification email or letter to order physical media.
    Users accessing FileConnect from the Licensing Portal should follow the steps below to order physical media:
    • Select “Ship me a CD” from the menu.
    • Select Product.
    • Click Order.
    • The “Order CD – Shipment Information” page will appear. Fill out all required fields and click Submit.
    • You will then see your CD order confirmation.
  • How do I order physical media if I am not able to select the option to 'Ship Me a CD'?
    Contact your Regional Customer Care team for assistance if this option is not available.
  • Will my maintenance/support agreement change if I upgrade?
    No, your maintenance end date will not change if you upgrade. You will be entitled to use the new version of the product under the terms of your current agreement.
  • What is the Symantec Licensing Portal and how do I use it?
    The Symantec Licensing Portal is an online tool used primarily for registration of licenses or maintenance/support and delivery of license keys/files. Some products send the license keys/files automatically via email and only require the Licensing Portal for maintenance/support registration. Symantec has made significant improvements to the Licensing Portal based on feedback from our partners and customers, resulting in a simplified portal experience. The improved Symantec Licensing Portal delivers multi-function capabilities in one easy-to-navigate application. The license portal user guide can be found at:
  • What if my maintenance/support contract has expired or is due to expire?
    If your maintenance/support contract(s) expire, you will need to request a reinstatement of your maintenance/support contract via your reseller.
    If your maintenance/support agreement is due to expire, please contact your selected reseller to ensure your entitlement is updated prior to expiration or refer to the this page for additional information: This will enable us to help you obtain access to the latest product upgrades, product functionality and fixes available under maintenance/support, and also enable you to protect your business environment from unnecessary risk.
    If you have lapsed on your renewal and are now post expiration you can purchase a Software Version Upgrade which will incur a higher cost than a maintenance/support renewal but provides a sizable discount off the MSRP.
  • How do I renew my maintenance/support contract?
    Symantec typically sends out 60 day notifications prior to expiration, offering details of your pending license renewal. Please contact your reseller to process your renewal and refer to this page for additional guidance:
    Please include your Symantec Agreement Number (SAN) with all correspondence to your preferred partner/reseller.
  • How do I change the recipient(s) for Software Version Upgrade notification?
    It is very important that the appropriate recipient is designated to receive Software Version Upgrade notifications. By identifying the License Owner and Technical Contact(s) during the initial product registration process within the Licensing Portal assures that the next Software Version Upgrade notification is directed to the correct recipient(s).
    • Go to
    • Login or create an account
    • Once logged in, click the New Purchase button
    • Enter serial number, click next
    • Add or update any pre-populated technical contact information
    • Complete registration
    Should you require additional assistance, Symantec’s Customer Care professionals are ready to assist you.