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Rapid Release Definitions - Detections Added

Please refer to the table(s) below for a complete listing of threats detected in the latest rapid release definitions.
Rapid Release Defs time Rapid Release Defs date Defs Version Extended Defs Version Sequence Number Total Detections
01:27:25 PDT 8/20/2014 160820a 8/20/2014 rev. 1 156819 24147099
Detections modified for this release (6):
Threat Severity Type Discovered
Adware.BL Adware Trojan 08/08/2013
PUA.Gen Potentially Unwanted App 08/06/2013
SecurityRisk.BL Other Trojan 08/08/2013
Spyware.BL Spyware Trojan 08/08/2013
Trojan.Klovbot Trojan 10/18/2011
Trojan.Zbot Trojan 01/10/2010